Keep in touch

On May 25 the law is changing, as new General Data Protection Regulations come into effect.  As a result of the new law change, Doncaster RLFC and the Club Doncaster Group will no longer be able to send you news and information about the club unless you “re-opt” in.

So in order to keep hearing from us regarding season tickets, match tickets, match information, player news and transfer stories please follow the instructions below. 


1)  Go to and hit the SIGN IN button in the top right hand corner.

2) Type in your supporter ID number, which can be found at the front of your season ticket book or on the front of a match ticket, and then your password which will be your postcode if this your first time using the system.

3) Once logged in, however over your name on the top right hand corner of the screen and go to personal details.

4) On the next screen you will see a box that says My Profile, at the bottom of this box select data protection (small red font), here is where you are required to select what information you still want to receive, whether it be Doncaster RLFC news, Doncaster Rovers news, DNA updates, Club Doncaster news or our Foundation news. Please select what information you want to receive then click OK in the bottom right hand corner, you’ll then be returned to the home screen.

5) Next, please select preferences (again found at the bottom of the My Profile box in red font) and select how to want to receive the information, for example, post. email, telephone or SMS.   Select all the ways you wish for us to contact you moving forward and then click OK once again.

6) Finally, make sure we have the right details for you, check the contact details in the My Profile box and if any need changing, click edit at the bottom of the box, update your details as needed and then click OK

Please note that by May 25 if you haven't updated your information then you will not receive any further correspondence regarding any offers or news from any part of the Club Doncaster group.

If you are still unable to locate your supporter ID number please call the Club Doncaster Box Office on 01302 762 576.